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Abel’s Story

January 23, 2024
Blessed Solanus Casey
Photograph of a young boy who received a life-saving favor through intercessory prayer to Blessed Solanus Casey

The following is a first-hand account written by the mother of a boy named Abel.

In the fall of 2020 our son Abel was born with a condition that we later learned was pulmonary hypertension of the newborn. He immediately went to the NICU where both of his lungs collapsed and he was placed on a ventilator. 

He exhausted all the medical resources within this NICU so he was transferred to another hospital’s NICU where he continued to deteriorate. He exhausted all their medical resources too.

Our entire family on both sides were praying for Abel. Our friends and church members were praying for him. A prayer chain was initiated, that spanned across the Country and into other Countries, but he continued to decline. 

 He was then transferred to another hospital’s NICU to receive a treatment called ECHMO where all of his vital organs were to be put on bypass. It was explained to us that this was his last treatment option. 

We were presented with a liability waiver that explained his chances of survival and risk of life long complications. My husband and I discussed it heavily and ultimately felt we had put our faith in the medical system only for it to fail him. We decided to not sign the waiver and put our faith completely in the Lord. 

We prayed together.

My husband’s aunt and uncle asked if they could call upon Solanus Casey for intercession. My husband and I eagerly accepted explaining, “All prayers are welcome for Abel.” They went on to obtain a spiritual bouquet at the Capuchin Monastery. 

About an hour later a nurse urgently came to my hospital room. My husband and I were brought to Abel’s bedside. I was afraid we were coming to say our goodbyes. Instead we were greeted by a team of medical professionals who were surprised and excited to tell us our Abel was suddenly improving! His latest labs indicated that his body no longer needed the vent!

Within 24 hours our Abel was weaned off of the vent. Then 24 hours after that he was completely weaned off of his oxygen. Another 24 hour later he was weaned off of the nasal gastric tube. In 3 days he was completely healed. He is now 3 years old and we just celebrated Christmas together. He is a lively, jovial, and whole healthy boy now. Thank you Jesus for Abel’s miracle! Thanks to Blessed Solanus Casey for his intercession!

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