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A color photograph of a counselor taking notes during a meeting with a guest at the Solanus Casey Center.

Counseling in a Catholic, Christian context is available to help cope with life’s unexpected challenges. It can leave us overwhelmed and unsure of how to move forward. Sometimes we need extra support to get back on our feet. The Solanus Casey Center offers counseling services to bring peace and growth to your daily experiences. Whether it’s anxiety, grief, or heavy thoughts weighing on your mind, we provide a comfortable, safe space to process and unravel the complexities of life.

Br. Joe Monachino, OFM Cap., MA, LLP and Br. Fred Cabras, OFM Cap., LMSW are available to meet with you weekly for a variety of challenges many of us might be facing.

Br. Joe specializes in addictions and anger management and is available by appointment. Call (313) 300-2185.

Br. Fred works with adults on a variety of matters and can be reached at (313) 579-2100 ext. 1216 to schedule an appointment.

In addition to Br. Joe and Br. Fred, Anna Licavoli, LMSW, CAADC and Jackie Smith, LMSW from Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan are serving part-time at the Solanus Casey Center to assist guests with life’s challenges.

Anna can be reached at (313) 579-2100 ext. 1214. Jackie can be reached at (313) 579-2100 ext. 1214. Or you can e-mail Anna or Jackie.

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