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🗓️ Six years ago today…

November 18, 2023
Blessed Solanus Casey
Br. Josef Timmers and Br. Michael Sullivan accompany Paula Medina-Zarate to the sanctuary with a relic of Blessed Solanus Casey during the Beatification Mass at Ford Field on November 18, 2017.

Six years ago today, on the November 18, 2017, we celebrated the beatification of Father Solanus Casey. Weather-wise it was a harsh day due to the bad rainstorm. Still, the Ford Field football stadium was filled with Catholic Faithful and others. Once we were inside Ford Field, the spirit of the simple Capuchin Friar could be felt all around us. Fr. Solanus had lived in St. Bonaventure Monastery in Detroit for about 22 years in total. Lots and lots of people used to come to him every day. Just like people who came to Jesus, people came to him with their problems and worries, they came to him in their sickness and want, they came to him with their infirmities and for counsel. He welcomed them all. He listened to them patiently, gave them simple instructions, and asked them for a tiny help for the Missions. And then he sincerely prayed for them. He gave them hope and consolation. Many people received God’s favors, what they called “miracles.” He had the gift of prophecy and the gift of healing. He had also the gift of reading others’ hearts. But, he never claimed that he had any gifts. Countless people received solace from him.

He was totally a grateful person, and he spoke always about being grateful. If one is grateful, naturally one will also become humble. He was humble to the core. If one is humble, one has to be gentle. The gentlest soul was he. He always trusted in and depended upon the Providence of God. He spoke about the mercies of God. He was so simple so as to play violin to the baby Jesus in the Nativity scene. He lived his vow of poverty very sincerely. After having lived in Detroit for 20 years, he was told of his transfer to Brooklyn when he arrived in the middle of the night after a three-day long journey. He was already on board in the first morning train itself to his new place of appointment!

Two days after the Thanksgiving, on November 25, is his 153rd Birthday. Let’s thank God for the immense blessing of Fr. Solanus to us. Let’s also Thank God ahead of time for the Blessing of Canonization.

We all remember it very vividly: disregarding the rain and storm, about 70,000 people, young and old filled the stadium to it’s full capacity. Almost all the people who attended the Beatification Mass received Holy Communion and celebrated the joy of holyness. What a wonderful experience it was!

In the last six years of my life, I have not had a single day not listening to a story of blessing or a favor received or a “miracle” through the intercession of our Brother Solanus!

“Blessed be God in all His designs”

George Kooran, OFM. Cap.
Director, Father Solanus Guild

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