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Christ has Risen, He has Risen Indeed

March 28, 2024
Blessed Solanus Casey
Cave of Christ's Burial

Father Solanus Guild Reflection by Br. Johan Paul Gill, OFM Cap. – March 28, 2024

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central event of the Christian faith, celebrated joyfully year after year at Easter. There is no doubt about the historical reality of Jesus’ rising from the dead, as evidenced by the willingness of his disciples and countless others throughout history to sacrifice their lives for their belief in the Risen Lord.

As we reflect on this profound mystery, it is important to consider the moments of “death” and “rising” that Jesus experienced throughout his earthly life, even before his crucifixion and resurrection. He was born into poverty, had to flee as a refugee, faced questioning of his integrity, was rejected by his own people, witnessed the death of his foster father, and endured attempts on his life. In a sense, he died a hundred times before his actual death on the cross. Yet, he kept rising, living his life to the fullest, unwavering in his mission, and even raising others from spiritual and physical death through his forgiveness, healing, and life-giving presence.

Similarly, we too experience moments of “death” in our lives – through sin, loss, betrayal, struggle, and suffering. These are the times when a part of us dies. The challenge is to follow the example of Jesus and rise above these situations, focusing on the mission he has entrusted to us – to live life abundantly (Jn 10:10) and bring hope, healing, and new life to those around us who are “dead” in various ways.

Blessed Solanus Casey is a shining example of this dying and rising in daily life. Like any of us he faced hardships and suffered in many ways in his life. But he lived his life fully for the Risen Lord, and anyone who encountered him felt a sense of hope, joy, and healing. As his devotees, we are called to continue this legacy of rising ourselves and raising others, sharing the transformative power of the Risen Christ.

This Easter, may we be inspired to embrace the dying (all that keeps us from living the life to the full) and rising (hope of being like Him) that is the essence of the Christian life. May we be ready to rise from all that keeps us “dead” and to raise our brothers and sisters, so that one day we may all rise to live with the Risen Lord, becoming like him.

Christ has Risen, He has Risen Indeed! Happy Easter to all!

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