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Janet’s Story

February 20, 2023
Blessed Solanus Casey
Color photo of Janet and Pat posing with an icon of Blessed Solanus Casey.

In March 2022 Janet learned from her internist that she had cancer. A few nights later her husband Pat gave her a relic of Blessed Solanus and prayed that Solanus would heal her. Soon afterwards, an endoscopy revealed stage two pancreatic cancer and she began chemotherapy. In August 2022 a CT scan revealed that the cancer had spread to her liver, making it stage four. As the prognosis with palliative care was only six months to live, Janet chose a different chemo regiment to slow the growth of the cancer and possibly extend her life nine to 12 months. In December 2022 another CT scan showed that the large tumor on her liver was gone, while the pancreatic tumor was too small to measure. In January 2023 another scan showed no cancer and her oncologist declared that it “showed no evidence that she ever had cancer.” Deo Gratias.

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